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Arcopedico© Explained



The patented, metal-free, twin arch-support soles (made from molded polyurethane), fully supports the foot arch. The anatomic foot bed allows for the even distribution of body weight through the entire plantar surface, eliminating pressure points and allowing for all-day comfort.



The "barefoot" techno elastic upper: a soft, non-binding design that conforms to the top of the foot to allow for unrestricted circulation and for your feet to move, stretch, and breathe all day long.



Remove the insoles (to be washed separately by hand) and put the washable shoes in a laundry bag to wash in the machine. Afterwards, set the shoes out to air dry.



When it's time for a pair of fresh insoles, you can purchase replacement insoles. Removable insoles also accommodate for people who prefer to wear their own insoles.  



Many styles from Arcopedico© have been certified with the PETA-approved Vegan certificate. Those styles are 100% free from any animal components.



Arcopedico© shoes pack extremely compact and will leave more room for a few more dresses to pack on your travels.



A pair of Arcopedico© shoes weigh as little as 7.5 oz.